Tuesday, June 18, 2013


GR-010 HEADKRUSHER - S/t 7"EP (Gempita White Label Series Vol.3)
Two exclusive tracks from these Indonesian thrashers. Think early Sodom, Kreator and Destruction. Limited to 100 copies on black fukking vinyl. We will announce the official release date soon.

MEDIEVAL - Anthems Of Destruction Demo Tape

The tape is now sold out from us.  There might be some distro still carry the tape. So Happy Hunting!!!

Monday, February 11, 2013

GR-009 SUCCUBUS - Sadistic Rites Of Evil LP

Their brilliant debut demo "Sadistic Rites Of Evil" to be re-pressed on 12" vinyl and comes with bonus tracks exclusively for this release. Eight tracks of pure old school death thrashing metal. The LP is limited to 150 copies on black vinyl.

We will announce a release date soon. Be prepared!!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Distro Section Updated with Impiety and Abhorer!!

Abhorer - Zygoatical LP and Impiety - Ravage and Conquer LP now in stock!!! Limited stock so get your copy now! Email: gempita.records AT gmail.com

IMPIETY - Tormentors Of Kota Bharu LP

We still have few copies of IMPIETY - Tormentors Of Kota Bharu LP. So for those interested, please email for details.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

HUMILIATION - Brink Of Defeat 7"EP available now. RM30. Please contact: gempita.records AT gmail.com

Limited to 200 copies in Black and Swirl Vinyl.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


GR-006 Humiliation - Brink Of Defeat 7"EP
Tentative release date: June/July 2011. 3 exclusive tracks only for this release.
For fans old school Death Metal. Check "Release" Section for details.